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I have my I.D. IT! plates on both my vehicles and I LOVE EM'. The gold lettering looks great on my dark green Blazer! It's a powerful way to advertise my website.
Heather Colman


Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I did receive my plate. It looks GREAT! Will definitely will be ordering more in the future. Thank you!
Rick Lincoln
Lincoln Golf Supply

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business to You while sitting IN traffic!

Whether you are a sales professional or the proud owner of an Internet or brick-and-mortar business, our 'traveling billboards' deliver your message to thousands of motorists and pedestrians every day. I.D. IT! Plates work hard for you in downtown traffic, on a crowded freeway or even while you're parked at the mall.

Imagine the impact of having your website address, e-mail address, company name, phone number and business message seen thousands of times every day in major city traffic.

Millions of Impressions - Pennies per Day!

Assuming the average person drives to and from work daily in rush hour traffic in a large city, EACH plate will be seen and understood a minimum of 3,000 times per day. These are called "impressions". Start figuring the cost. Assume the average car owner will keep their vehicle for 3 years. 3,000 impressions per day X 365 days = 1,095,000 impressions per year (X 3 years = 3,285,000 impressions per plate!). Multiply this figure by the number of plates the customer orders to get an indication of what I.D. IT! Plates can really do. At the full retail price of $39.95 or $44.95 per plate, amortized over three years, the cost is a fraction of a penny per impression.


Drive Sales with Your Vehicle!

Forget bumper stickers and other cheap, cheesy decals. Classy I.D. IT! Plates are available in elegant polished chrome or a luxurious gold matte finish and are carefully hand assembled to your text specifications. They mount safely to your vehicle and have been road tested in the frigid Canadian north and in dry desert heat. Your plate can be run through hundreds of car washes and will probably outlast your car! Click here to see who is using I.D. IT! Plates.

Tens of thousands of I.D. IT! Plates have been sold worldwide! They work so well that many of our customers immediately re-order for their employees and associates. The positive feedback has been astounding. See what customers are saying about I.D. IT! Plates.


100% Guarantee - FREE Delivery Worldwide

Delivery is FREE worldwide with a minimum order of 2 I.D. IT! Plates of any text combination and quality is 100% guaranteed. Each plate retains it's rich appearance for years delivering your message day in and day out. Got a question? Click here to discover everything you need to know about I.D. IT! Plates.

By the way, I.D. IT! Plates make a great "vanity" gift. Tell the world what you think, who your favorite sports team or alma mater is or raise awareness of your community service club. Our product is the ultimate fundraising tool too!

Treat yourself or that hard-to-buy-for-person on your gift list with a custom vanity plate that they will proudly display for years!

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I.D. IT! Plates are marketed exclusively through the independent partner resellers and retailers of We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please direct all email communications to Thank You!  Our Anti-Spam Policy 

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